LEGO Space Shuttle: 65k bricks and 1,590hrs

As awesome, insane, time-consuming LEGO projects go, building a 65,000-brick replica of the space shuttle complete with flashing lights, sound effects and frantic minifig technicians takes some beating.  That's just what was constructed for the Nasu Highland Park amusement park in Japan: the Nasu Space Center."Simulated launch" video after the cut

It took 1,590 man-hours to build, and when the diorama is started it has a full countdown, flashing "rockets" and sound-effects of take-off.  After all that, it's something of a disappointment that it doesn't physically move off the launch pad, but I suppose they'd have to keep building new shuttles to replace those in orbit, and that could get expensive.

The two-man team who build the Nasu Space Center are apparently now taking part in an attempt to build the tallest LEGO tower ever made.  That's unlikely to have as many flashing lights (unless they need to warn low-flying aircraft away from its tip) but will be much higher than the shuttle diorama, which stands just a few feet tall.

[via DVICE]