LEGO Simpsons to return for 2015

Apparently the success of the co-branding alliance between LEGO and The Simpsons was enough to inspire a second wave. Thus reads the rumor mill this week with a list of LEGO minifigures that'll likely be released this May. There's also word of a second LEGO Simpsons full-sized brick set to match with the original Simpsons House. This second Simpsons LEGO set will be the Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart (71016), and it'll also be released this May of 2015. As for another episode of The Simpsons matched with LEGO – that's looking a lot less likely.

According to the surprisingly accurate in LEGO predictions and rumors LEGO Minifigures fan site, the next set of Simpsons Minifigures will bring on another 16 blind packs for the public. This means you'll buy one pack – as it was with the first round – without knowing what's inside.

Only the most obsessive LEGO buyers will stand next to the box of figures in the store and use their extra-sensitive fingers to feel which figures rest inside the packs.

1. Homer in his Sunday Best

2. Marge in her Sunday Best

3. Bartman

4. Lisa with Snowball II

5. Maggie with Santa's Little Helper

6. Fallout Boy

7. Waylon Smithers

8. Patty Bouvier

9. Selma Bouvier

10. Jeff Albertson a.k.a. the Comic Book Guy

11. William MacDougal III a.k.a. Groundskeeper Willie

12. Edna Krabappel

13. Dr. Julius Hibbert

14. Professor Frink

15. Hans Moleman

16. Martin Prince

The appearance of Fallout Boy suggests that we MAY see a Radioactive Man in the future. On the other hand, Nelson (Bart Simpson's best buddy) has been known to roll with the Fallout Boy costume while Bart dons the Bartman costume – so this combo could just be going as far as that.

It's been suggested that the Kwik-E-Mart will be smaller than the Simpsons House, suggesting it'll be slightly less expensive.

Also we've yet to see Moe, Sideshow Bob, or Principal Skinner – so there's a chance we might see a third set in this never-ending library of characters as well.