LEGO Movie music video Everything is AWESOME made (in part) by 6-year old

This week the LEGO Movie has been released with a bang – $69 million at the box office and the second-biggest February launch of all time. Now the folks behind the title song have been allowed to release their rather unique hand-made music video to the public. Here we're seeing "Everything is AWESOME!!!" in classic LEGO form, of course.

This Awesome song is performed by the pop duo Tegan and Sara joined by the comedy trio The Lonely Island. Here you're going to see not only a quick selection of bits and pieces from the movie itself, but a bunch of hand-constructed and stop-motion animated sequences as well.

And the best part? It's suggested that the parts of the video were "MADE by: MarKus Jolly AgE: 6" – good stuff!

Here's our warning though – if you've not heard this song before – it's extremely addictive. If you've got a child in the house, they will be signing this song from here to next week, at least. And if you play this video for them, they'll want to see it over and over again on repeat for the rest of their young lives.

Meanwhile the LEGO Movie video game is out right now as well, and we'll be reviewing it and the Movie itself here on SlashGear before the week is done. Have a dive down our LEGO tag portal for more!