Legal front launched by ex-Megaupload users

This month's complete and utter closure of the Megaupload file uploading and sharing site has created more than one ripple in the online world, the latest being with so-called "legitimate" users of the former file-sharing service launching a legal collective aiming to push the FBI into re-activating the site. What this front is basing its actions on are several laws in the Spanish Penal Code Articles 197 and 198 which protect user data inside the law's jurisdiction, this law saying that the FBI misappropriated personal data in a way that should not stand. Over 1000 ex-users of Megaupload have signed up on the first day of operation of this front, with more pouring in by the minute.

The campaign has a message right up front which states that "millions of legitimate users have been crippled by the U.S. authority's attempt to enforce their own law across the world." What's a bit confusing, on the other hand, is that this case has already gone national before the Pirate Party here tried to stop it. As you'll see in the timeline below, Megaupload leader Dotcom's home has been raided well outside the jurisdiction of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"The FBI has caused incalculable damage, far in excess of the losses claimed by the content lobbies, in a fruitless attempt to prevent access to the media content hosted on Megaupload, some of which they claim to have been infringing copyright under US law. However, as much of the unlawful content will still be available via other services on the web, this action not only shows us the futility of these measures but also serves as a reminder that these files are not necessarily, nor have been shown to be, illegal in any country, including the US." – Pirata.CAT

Users interested in helping the legal cause that this new Pirate Party collective are starting up will be able to give donations and voice their complaints at the homepage for the group. We must suggest that you do all the investigating you can before making any monetary guarantees to a group such as this, of course, as now would certainly be a ripe time to take advantage of disgruntled Megaupload customers looking for some reprieve.