LED table brightens up any meal

Picture the scene.  It's your first date: you met her on a subway train, when the carriage struck a tunnel duck and she was jolted against the copy of The Female Eunuch you were reading.  Over apologies you invited her round for dinner; you'll cook spaghetti bolognese, only with pasta bows because you haven't got a saucepan big enough to lay the spaghetti out flat.  The meal goes well, too well perhaps; wine flows, talk turns to how difficult it is to get a taxi at this late hour.  Entirely misreading the situation, you throw down a packet of extra-lubricated condoms onto the table and tell her "the bedroom is that way, sweet-cheeks".  The LEDs embedded in your dining table illuminate the prophylactics beautifully as she slaps you and strides out the door.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OSe0RWNEK4I can't help with your love life, you grubby little horn-dog, but I can tell you a little more about this awesome table.  Designed and constructed by Julian Appelius and Fabien Dumas, under their Too Many Designers label, light is projected through the perspex at a 54-degree angle and remains invisible until an object is put down.  As that happens the path of the light is interrupted and whatever does that gets lit up.I'm not sure if they're planning to sell the table commercially, but it seems a reasonable idea for an enterprising DIYer to make themselves. Too Many Designers [via core77]