LED lighting system remote controlled from BlackBerry

Chris Davies - Jun 5, 2008

It’s still early days for LED home lighting systems; they’re certainly more flexible and, in some cases, efficient than traditional lighting, but for now they’re seen as a niche product.  Buying off-the-shelf is limited, so usually your choice is to pay for a custom install or build the whole rig yourself; this Instructable goes for the latter, and details a homebrew system that’s either controlled by what’s on the TV or remotely via the owner’s BlackBerry.  Make sure to check out the video of the set-up in action after the cut!

While it looks a little flickery in the video, that’s apparently just the LEDs not playing nicely with the camera.  Building it looks to be fiddly, what with soldering all the individual LEDs, but it doesn’t have to be massively expensive.  A bag of 200 colored LEDs were just $65 on eBay, and the PSU was a cheap PC power supply.

DIY LED ambient light system

All the software is available to download if you want to have a try yourself.  Right now the system works with any media played on the controlling PC. 

[via Hack-n-Mod]

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