Learn How LCD Monitors Work, Informative Teardown Video

Rue Liu - Apr 5, 2011
Learn How LCD Monitors Work, Informative Teardown Video

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly your LCD monitor works down to the pixel, then you don’t want to miss an excellent clip from EngineerGuyVideo that literally breaks it all down for you. The five-minute video is very informative and easy to digest—kind of similar to what we’re trying to do with our new SlashGear 101 series.

The nice thing about the video is that you get to see the actual LCD panel taken apart into its layers of magic. Diagrams and some animation are interspersed to further explain how all the liquid crystals, film transistors, and polarizers work together to form a display.

We really like these types of videos that break down complicated topics in a way that makes them very easy to understand. Even the most advanced tech enthusiasts can take a refresher every once in awhile. We hope that our new SlashGear 101 series will be able to cover many interesting tech topics in the same clear and concise manner. If you have particular topics you’re interested in learning more in depth about, please let us know in the comments.

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