Leaked screens of Windows 8 App Store were fakes

Everyone has an app store today after the success Apple had with the App Store for the iPhone. After the massive success of Apple, it was a guarantee that just about all other makers were going to jump in with their own offerings. So far, the massively popular ones are still run by Apple and Google. Google has one for Android devices that is really popular. Not too long ago Apple unveiled the Mac App Store for Mac computer users that puts apps on their notebooks and desktops too.

That will mean that an app store of some sort will be coming by Microsoft for Windows users at some point. With that in mind, no one was surprised when the screenshots for what was allegedly the app store for Windows 8 surfaced earlier this month. The leaked screenshot showed game apps like Angry Birds and other software that would allegedly be available for Windows 8 users to take advantage of when the new OS launches.

Today a Chinese application launched called Appmarts and the app is the spitting image of the leaked screen shots claiming to be the Windows 8 app store. The Appmarts app is in Chinese and is a fully functional app that can be used by Chinese geeks looking for new software, but it has nothing to do with Microsoft or Windows 8. The images we saw with the English writing and apps on them had been manipulated to appear to be from Microsoft for Windows 8.

[via istartedsomething]