Screenshots of Windows 8 App Store leak

We are all very familiar with app stores today, everyone seems to have them. There are hoards of markets and stores where you can buy apps for Android devices, Macs have an App Store and the iPhone has the grandfather of all app stores. Apps are big business and it makes sense that Microsoft would want to get in on the action too.

Screen shots have leaked of the Windows App Store that will apparently be part of Windows 8. Exactly when Windows 8 and the app store will land is an unknown. It is also unknown if the store will be for Windows 8 only or if it will support older versions of the OS.

A look at the screenshots shows that it has some familiar apps with Opera and Angry Birds on one screen. That means third party apps will be big features and you can bet that Microsoft will have its own software on the store as well. If the screen looks familiar to you, it has quite a resemblance to the Mac App Store and the Ubuntu Download Center.

[via ZDNet]