Leaked Pixel 4 ad shows why you'll want its new camera and Soli tech

Google probably won't be officially revealing the Pixel 4 for some time yet, but it seems to already have at least one commercial ready to go. Today, a one-minute ad about the Pixel 4 leaked out, giving us a look at some of the features Google considers key to the experience for its latest flagship. It also, of course, shows us the phone in the flesh, with its square camera array being one of the stand-out features.

The leaked ad comes to us from Spanish site ProAndroid, which uploaded it to YouTube. In the video you see below, Google runs down a number of major Pixel 4 features, starting with the phone's support for touch-free gestures thanks to its motion-sensing Soli radar. Then we're onto Google Assistant, which is used to search for photos of food from a trip to Tokyo and then insert one of them into a message reply.

Finally, we come to Google's boasts about the camera, with Google giving specific attention to the phone's low-light capabilities. The Pixel 4 is apparently so good at taking low-light photos that you can even apparently the stars in the night sky, which certainly makes for an eye-catching feature to preview in an advertisement.

Like the Pixel 3 before it, the Pixel 4 has been the subject of many leaks, but this time around, Google decided to get in on the action itself. Google confirmed that the phone is indeed on the way back in June, and it was even the one that confirmed the phone's motion-sensing muscle in July. Google definitely has an abnormal pre-launch strategy for the Pixel 4, but if the phone is going to be leaked anyway, it might as well be Google that's doing the talking.

We're expecting Google to officially reveal the phone during an event in October. It's then that Google will reveal what kind of hardware the phone is working with along with all it's capable of, so we'll be looking forward to that.