Leaked Moto G 2015 promo vid leaves little to imagination

Already feeling overwhelmed by the surprising flood of leaks about this year's Moto G? Here, have one more. This time, however, delivered in moving pictures format, which makes it more entertaining and probably easier to digest. And you don't even need to know Brazilian Portuguese to understand it. This promotional video details almost all the interesting features of the mid-range Motorola smartphone heading our way next week confirming what we have seen elsewhere. And for the parts that it doesn't reveal, we can pretty much fill in the blanks.

It's a bit unexpected that the Moto G would generate this much attention ahead of its expected arrival next week, mostly because it isn't Motorola's flagship. That title belongs to the Moto X, which has only started to come up in leaks and rumors just recently. The extent of the Moto G leaks is such that there is probably little room for surprises when Motorola does announce it officially.

That said, the Moto G has also been noteworthy because of its combination of solid mid-tier specs, affordable price tag, and near vanilla Android experience. The first part of that formula carries on with this year's model, at least as shown by the leaked video ad below. The vid speaks about the Moto G's durability and ruggedness, confirming the IPX7 waterproofing we've heard of. The rear camera is also confirmed to have a 13 megapixel sensor but slightly new is the fact that it would be paired with a dual LED flash. The front is a 5 megapixel shooter. There is also a microSD card slot and dual SIM support.

What isn't exactly confirmed is CPU and memory. The video mentions a quad-core processor, which could still either be a Snapdragon 410 or a 610. No mention of either RAM or internal storage was made. We're still holding on to the hope that there will be choices between a model with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage and one with half that size, as hinted by leaked Moto Maker options.

Things are definitely hitting up for Motorola's mid-range wonder and we look forward to the official reveal on 28th July.