Leaked iPhone 6 photos show "final" build (with one problem)

New (alleged) iPhone 6 photos have emerged, offering up a look at what could be the final build of the device. The device in the pictures is said to be a final build, and looks quite a bit like the previously leaked shots. With a bit more detail, we start to see just what the new, larger iPhone may have for us.

The device pictured is definitely larger, and keeps that same iPad form factor we've seen time and again. What appear to be antennae cutouts adorn the far top and bottom, much like we see with the HTC One series. A home button with Touch ID is front and (bottom) center, while the elongated volume rocker and power button sit on either side.

We also get a clear view of what looks to be the inside of the back cover, though not much is really learned from that other than attachment pillars and clip positioning. Around front we get the iPhone face we've come to expect; a slim speaker cutout up top, only this time the camera sits next to it, not above.

Of note here is the Apple logo appears to be a cutout. That could be a clue that the NFC capabilities we once heard about for the new iPhone are true, and the cutout would give way to a signal. It could also be an IR blaster, and lend itself to an Apple TV refresh.

The problem is, we can't say this is accurate with any certainty. Though the source claims confidence in their tipster, who is apparently from a Chinese supply chain partner, there's one glaring omission here: the device isn't powered on. At this juncture, we know what iOS 8 will look like (roughly), so there is no reason we shouldn't see a working model, if this is a final iPhone 6 build.

Source: MacFixIt