Latest Sony Ericsson Headset manages its own volume

MobileBurn seem to think this new Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headset looks like a needle, but I can't help but see one of those electronic thermometers that you press into your ear.  Design-reminiscence aside, the HBH-IV835 is a slender and attractive hands-free solution that eschews over-the-ear hooks and instead relies on a rubbery bung to keep it stuck in place.  Continuing the theme of omission, it lacks the traditional volume controls and instead has an automatic volume control system.

MobileBurn found that while relatively sedentary people will have little trouble keeping the IV835 in place, anyone more active will be constantly going to pick it up as it gets shaken loose from their ear.  The automatic volume adjustments were, though, a great success, and audio quality in general above average.

Sony Ericsson HBH-IV835 Review [MobileBurn]