Latest PS3 Firmware Is Broken By PSJailbreak

Oh you hackers. The folks over at PSJailbreak start the week strong by announcing their positive break into PS3 firmware 3.42, 3.50, and they say any future firmware versions the peeps at Sony have to throw at them. They use a USB mod that allows users to break into their Playstation 3 and use unnaproved software and games. For you penguin lovers, it even allows you to load Linux into the big black box.

This news comes amid another announcement that PSJailbreak will be opening a sister site that will allow users to downgrade their systems to any previous version (making it even easier to break into.) This sister site sits over at PSDowngrade.Com. This downgrade of course requires a console with the original Playstation Jailbreak software – but make sure you've got the right one!

[Via Electronista]