Latest Pokemon GO update helps Unown catch process [and how!]

Chris Burns - May 15, 2017, 10:38am CDT
Latest Pokemon GO update helps Unown catch process [and how!]

Before today, catching Unown in Pokemon GO was one of the most impossible tasks in the game – not least of all because of the scale of the breed. This Pokemon is not only rarer than any other – it comes in an entire alphabet of different versions. Letters A through Z are included with the Pokemon in the game today – which makes getting the hidden medal for this elusive monster more difficult than any other.

An update this week – reflected past our first Unown catcher’s guide – shows the Unown in their letter forms. Instead of just indicating in the Pokedex that an odd set of Unown were caught, the letters appear. The letters have appeared in their standard Roman / Latin alphabet form before – now they’re showing up as the Unown themselves.

NOTE: The image above was illustrated (in part) by DeviantArt user Mopomoko. Additional art is used and combined. Let us know if you’d like to toss your Pokemon art into a Pokemon GO Time article in the future!

Where before this update it was a matter of knowing what each Unown represented in the alphabet, now it’s a matter of knowing which shapes are already caught. Would that you were to see an Unown whilst on a city bus, for example, this update makes the decision to jump off the bus all the easier. Before now, there was an extra step involved.

Above is the standard Unown alphabet. In this chart is the set of letters a user would have needed before to figure out if they’d had one of these monsters already in their Pokedex. Of course, whenever someone sees the ultra rare Unown of any shape, they’ll probably head out to get it. This update just makes it easier to know whether the trip will be merely interesting or wholly rewarding.

ABOVE: What Unown looked like in the Pokedex until the most recent update. BELOW: What Unown looked like in the Pokedex when the most recent update was downloaded and loaded and tapped. We’ll expect about 16 more changes to this Pokedex listing before it’s finalized.

The other most recent update to the game with regard to Unown changed their silhouettes. Where before the update, all Unown had generally the same shadow form, now each one is different depending on if they’ve been caught by the user. Good news, that is, for those shadow-hunting Pokemasters that aim for the full Pokedex.

The rarity of Unown does not seem to have changed recently according to the game’s code, but the appearance of these monsters seems to have become SLIGHTLY more common over the past several weeks. No confirmation has been given by Niantic, but it would not be a supreme surprise to see an Unown event in the near future. Our money’s on a few more updates to the Pokemon Gym first – we’ll see!

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11 Responses to Latest Pokemon GO update helps Unown catch process [and how!]

  1. Complete waste since they never spawn. In fact nothing ever spawns but garbage. Ever since Gen 2 came out the spawns in general are complete crap. Unless you are using a tracker it is not possible to get good pokemon now. Even with a tracker the spawns are still crap compared to before. I have a friend that runs a tracker server in Cincinnati. He has got 1 Unown since they came out and his tracker covers a 25 mile radius with 4500 RPM and 900 accounts.

    • Totally agree about the unowns. After playing solidly since gen 2 came out I now only need hitmontop and unown (apart from the region specifics; another ridiculous decision by Niantic). I have yet to see a single unown. If Niantic think that any genuine player is going to waste their time trying to get the medal they must be crazy. They have surely got to realise that absolutely no-one who achieves that gold medal can have got it in any way other than some form of cheating.

      • I agree about the trash ass spawns. I live in the mountains and would expect to find Geodude, Machop, Onix etc….NOPE! Just Pidgey, Weedle, natu, and murkrow. Murkrow is the biggest pain in the ass due to it’s absurd catch rate.

        • And to rub salt in the wounds the high spawn rate of Murkrow and it does not evolve so no bonus xp after catching them. Not even worth the time. My pogo plus hates gen 2 so bad. They have terrible catch rates with it and even when i get them they are worth nothing.

      • I was playing solidly, but after getting 9 upgrades in a row (from stops and 7 day streaks both) and none of the other evolve items I gave up. I hardly ever log in now. It will take a complete overhaul of the game to get me back now.

      • I used to harp on my buddy for cheating too, but honestly the spawns are so bad and the game is so terrible at tracking I don’t blame him at this point. It’s not worth my time to do what he does, but I don’t blame him now. The game literally has nothing to do if you are not cheating. There is absolutely no content in the game itself and no way to hunt for specific ones you need/want. I know people in Orlando that have never seen a chansey (even during the event) and they are level 35+. I got a bunch in Cincy while visiting during the event, but I have never seen one in FL either.

  2. I fully expect an Unown event probably in the beginning of summer. Makes too much sense given the rarity.

    • Events seem to be the only way to get anything in the game. Pretty lame. Basically it means don’t play me unless there is an event. Then you play for 3 days and stop again for a month or two.

      • Hey Brandon…can u give me the info on ur friend’s tracker site in Cincy? I live in Cincy and would like to check it out.
        I wasn’t aware anyone local was providing this service for just our area.
        Appreciate u mentioning it in an earlier post…and even more thankful to know that someone in this area has actually caught an Unown locally.
        Thanks Again.

        • Ya i am going to text him now and see if he can send me the discord info. Him and his buddies use a discord channel to auto paste locations of worthy pokemon (snorlax, chansey, dragonite, unown, etc…) It used to IV filter as well, but Niantic broke that for scanners. I know he has gotten multiple 100% snorlax and chanseys with the scanner. Can I post a PM to you in DISQUS. I don’t use this site that much :) I don’t want to post a private server in open web forum.

        • Thank u so much for looking into that info for me. I’d have loved having it when the IV filter was still working. I’ve got a few mons with perfect IVs but they’re so hard to acquire. (Mind u I have blindly acquired 4 100 IV Rapidashs!! LOL)
          I don’t use this site much either…kinda just stumbled on to it.
          A PM is fine except I don’t know how that’s done on here or if it’s even an option. (I’m sure someone reading this will let me/u know though.)
          If it’s not an option and u get the info, I’ll create a gmail acct for u to contact me through, as I understand not wanting to post private server info on here.
          Thanks again.

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