Latest Monster Hunter Rise crossover adds Mega Man's dog Rush

Another Capcom collaboration is headed to Monster Hunter Rise, and this time the focus of that collaboration is Mega Man. More specifically, the focus is actually on Mega Man's dog, Rush. Like previous collaborations, this new one will give you cosmetics to use in-game. If your mind immediately jumped to Palamutes when we mentioned Rush, you're definitely on the right track.

With this new Capcom collaboration, players will be able to unlock layered armor for their Palamute companion that will make them look like Rush from the Mega Man games. This is more than just a simple reskin too, as the drift while riding your Palamute will be replaced by Rush Jet, and Rush Coil will replace the jumping dismount.

Those are two iconic Rush abilities from the Mega Man games, so it's nice to see them as bonuses for this layered armor. The collaboration will be going live in the game on September 24th, and players will need to complete an event quest to unlock the layered armor. You can check out the armor in action with the trailer we've embedded above.

As always, "layered armor" is essentially Monster Hunter Rise's version of cosmetic armor. Layered armor confers no bonuses and can be worn in addition to your Palamute's regular armor, changing their appearance but keeping their stats and the stats of the actual armor they have equipped the same.

This is the fourth Capcom collaboration we've seen for Monster Hunter Rise, and earlier this summer, Capcom launched a collaboration that featured an Okami-themed layered armor for Palamutes. We'll see if we get more Capcom collaborations in the future, but otherwise, look for this layered armor and its associated quest to drop on September 24th.