Last Galaxy S9 secrets just spilled on Reddit

A tipster spilled what seemed to be a whole lot of details on the Samsung Galaxy S9 a bit over a week before the main reveal event. This tipster decided they'd risk revealing the identity of whoever it was that allowed them to handle the Galaxy S9 in the process, writing their AMA on Reddit. This Redditor suggested that they "got to use [the Galaxy S9] for about 20 min" and that they "got pretty familiar with the device."

The version of the device this user suggested they had was a Qualcomm variant. That meant they were using a Galaxy S9 destined for a carrier in the United States. Lots of what this user said in their thread was subjective, as they did not have the device in-hand as average users asked questions.

One extremely solid detail the user seemed to come back to time and time again was how similar the Galaxy S9 seemed to the Galaxy S8. "If they were bigger I didn't notice in my usage. It was scary familiar to an s8," said the user. "I would stay with an S8 if you have one. Definitely more of tock in the update line. And to be fair I saw the S8 as a tock as well."

"When my friend was giving me Samsung's selling points, they mention that you get the same hardware design that was great about the S8 with improved camera performance and sound performance," said the user. "So I see it as a tock instance in the line rather than a tick."

Samsung released the date and time and location of the event at which the Galaxy S9 would be revealed, aiming for Barcelona on the 25th of February, 2018. That date matched what Samsung had previously done with Galaxy S smartphone events, scheduling for the day before the main events of Mobile World Congress. For more information on this device – including photos and such – head to the timeline below.

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