Last Chance: Disney Movies Everywhere ends tomorrow

Today is the last day users of the Disney Movies Anywhere service will be able to transfer ownership of their films to other services. Users who purchased films with Disney that have their movies available through the Disney Movies Anywhere service will no longer have access after tomorrow. If users log in to Movies Anywhere – a separate service – before tomorrow, they'll continue to have access to their movies through a variety of other services.

This can be confusing, or it can be simple. It's up to the country you live in, really. If you're outside of the United States or – more likely – if you're using a VPN, you'll need to turn it off to do the following set of actions. First, see that you have your Disney Movies Anywhere login information. Second, go to Disney Movies Anywhere to see all the warnings, just to confirm that what I've written here is 100% legit, and far too legit 2 quit.

Once you've seen all the bright red warning flags on Disney Movies Anywhere's main website, you'll want to head to Movies Anywhere. That's at MoviesAnywhere dot com. There, you'll want to "Get Started" with the Get Started button. Sign in with the same login name and password you'd been signing in with on Disney Movies Anywhere. This may be an email and password, or it may be a login with Google or Facebook – you'll have to remember which one you used, I don't know what you used. Don't ask me, I'm not your dad.

Once logged in, you'll be able to hit a big button that moves Disney Movies Anywhere movies over to Movies Anywhere, and BANG! You'll retain access to your movies – hopefully the full collection of them, all together.

Tap the face in the corner of the Movies Anywhere webpage and head to "Manage Retailers." From there, you'll be able to connect Movies Anywhere to several other major movie hosting stores and services. These include the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon AppStore. And hooray! It'll be back to the way it was before Disney started trying to hold all their own movies in their own app like a bunch of goofballs.

Coming soon: the Disney streaming video app! Boy, won't that be fun? I cannot wait!