Lasertag gets serious!

And here's me thinking I had fun with one of those little guns that fire foam disks across the living room!  This mighty looking beastie is Scorpion, a well-and-truly hacked laser tag gun made by enthusiast Mike Yates who, with his fellow gamers, stage hardcore battles in bunkers underneath abandoned military bases.  Starting from a commercially-available Hasbro gun, Mike leveraged his access to pre-release hardware to develop a 3000psi air-tank powered quad-rocket array that's fired by an authentic tank trigger/grip.

Each "RPG" rocket emits an IR blast designed to take out as many opponents as possible.  Mike can then pick off the remaining stragglers with his high-powered 1500ft-range laser rifle.  More photos of the much-adapted weapon after the cut...


The thought of prowling dimly-lit tunnels like something out of an Aliens film is both exciting and scary.  Does anybody know if there's a UK faction?

Hacking Laser Tag [Finkbuilt]