Lasershield security system sadly not killer deathray

Maybe I'm a big fat dirty slab of cynic, but when I see expensive and overly-designed security tech my first thought is usually "wow, I bet a thief would take that first."  Personally, I'm looking at this Lasershield Systems starter kit and thinking the base-unit looks like a Bose knockoff and the PIR sensor like that laser keyboard - obvious things to be swept into a swag-bag.

A 105db alarm sounds when the PIR sensor is tripped, scaring your cat, while the Lasershield people also phone a designated "emergency person" such as your mom, your weight-lifting older brother or your priest.

It's not cheap, though.  After stiffing you for $199.99 for the starter kit, they've the audacity to greed a further $25 "activation fee" and then a $19.99 monthly monitoring fee.  That adds up to almost $465 for the first year, which is a fair chunk of change and one would assume a little too rich for the students and starter-renters Lasershield are targeting.

Still, this lady looks bloody happy, and maybe that's the most important thing.

Lasershield Systems [via Shiny Shiny]