Laser-equipped keyboard possum

Chris Davies - Jul 18, 2007

I’ve seen the future, and it’s a possum.  A Text-o-possum, to be exact – harnessing the awesome power of a stuffed mammal with the unearthly splendour of a laser keyboard.  It might look like your common or garden taxidermy, but hidden in the possum’s elegantly-cocked hind leg is a Bluetooth keyboard which can project onto any flat surface.



It’s the work of Kasey McMahon, and designed to accompany her Compubeaver.  Sadly there’s no sign of a commercial release, but we can only hope that next up is a wireless mouse inside the body of a real (albeit expired) rodent and a network printer inside the carcass of a large vole.


Text-o-possum [via Neatorama]

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