Lancer Link Grand HD Cinema, USB-HDMI graphic gets Mac friendly

Look out! Displaylink, Lancer Link is back for more – the USB graphic battle continue – early this year, Lancer Link introduced a HDMI version of USB graphic which provided up to 7.1-channel audios and HDCP copy protection over 720P video outputs, now their OSX driver is readied.

Last time we briefed the USB graphic duel in between the LancerLink and Displaylink, few details were left out on system compatibility. Displaylink has cleared with us that their technology now supported MAC, Vista 64-bit and a beta version of Windows 7 is already out for beta tester. In fact, we got our hands-on the Samsung's Lapfit to try it out, the embedded DisplayLink chip worked as advertised on Both OS.

Also, unlike the counterpart emphasizing on HDMI connectivity, DisplayLink has no plan to offer similar outfit due to the HDCP compliant, but LancerLink somehow managed to pull it off. Regardless of the copy protection licensing issues, the business direction is quite clear for both companies: one focuses on business computing, the other is betting on home entertainment displays.

Update: Further investigation suggests that the Lancer Link device is based on the DisplayLink DL-160 chip which, by itself, is not HDCP compliant.  The iconography shown in the Grand HD Cinema user manual reportedly comes from DisplayLink; however, Lancer Link tell us that the chip – and the functionality - is completely independent from DisplayLink. 


This could be a case of misconstrued specifications or even just old illustrations used in a new user guide.  However, SlashGear would suggest that anyone counting on HDCP compliance should try to test out the Grand HD Cinema before purchase, or speak to their home cinema adviser or retailer about its capabilities.

Without an actual hands-on time with the Lancer Link product – and a chance to see what's going on inside the box – we can't tell whether the Grand HD Cinema is a competitor to DisplayLink's range.  Certainly, it's the only device of its type to currently claim HDCP support.