Lamponi's Lamps - artistic lighting

When most of us pick out a lamp we run to the store and pick out the one that has the correct type of lighting and something that is at least slightly aesthetically appealing. Well and some of us just try to find one that isn't priced through the roof. However, there is that small amount of people that pick out the more artistic lighting.

I am sure if I had the cash I'd go for the artsy lighting, as it stands though, I just drool over it via the internet. If you're just a fan of fancy lighting or if you can afford it Lamponi's lamps are worth checking out. He has everything from vintage technology (old vacuums, hairdryers, irons, etc.) to lamps that seem to have almost an erector set kind of look.

Each work is a one of a kind piece, no two are perfectly alike. The prices vary, so you have to send off an email to find out how much you'll be forking out for one of these bad boys.

Lamponi's Lamps [via neatorama]