Ladies now you can stand up to pee too

This one is definitely bizarre. This is one of those with great intentions, but just a bit too much on the odd side for me to ever want to give it a whirl. Women always have to worry about the sanitation issues with public restrooms. Frankly, those little paper things you put over the toilet aren't offered everywhere and I'm not really sure how great they work anyway. Most of us have all found our own personal ways to care for our health, hovering above the toilet would be one of those. This handy design makes it so that we never have to touch the toilet seat again. Ladies, how would you like to pee standing up?

Yes you read correctly, the P-mate offers a design that can make it so that women can pee standing up. The P-mate is disposable and leakproof. It shapes to form against you so that you can comfortably pee standing up. You carry them around just like you would your tampons and throw them away when you are done. The directions sound hilariously perverse, here is a small example from the product page. "Slightly lower your pants or raise your skirt. Pull your panties to one side and place the large opening directly under the flow area between your legs. The sides of the P-mate opening should surround the flow area completely. Straighten your knees and push your bottom backwards so that the spout of the P-mate is pointed downwards. Relax and let nature do the rest – PEE!"

I take my personal hygiene very seriously, but not this seriously. My personal opinion is that I wouldn't ever use it, except for some extreme situation. Well ladies what do you think, would you use it?

Standing power to women [via coolest gadgets]