LaCie Sound2 Speakers promise Cabasse sound on a budget

LaCie have outed their latest set of USB speakers, the Sound2, and they've partnered up with acoustic engineering specialists Cabasse to quash any talk of sub-par audio quality.  The LaCie Sound2 look a little like the paddles you use to play on an air-hockey table, but actually pack 30W of amplification, magnetic shielding and a bass reflex system.

Connectivity includes both USB – with the Sound2 set showing up on your PC or Mac as an external soundcard – and a standard 3.5mm line-in port for use with an iPod or other music source.  LaCie also throw an AC adapter in the box for that latter scenario, since usually the Sound2 are powered by USB.

The LaCie Sound2 are priced at $99.99; what we don't know right now is when you'll actually be able to buy them.  The product page says "out of stock", but since there's no specific release date mentioned in the press release we're assuming that should change imminently.

Press Release:

LaCie Teams up with Cabasse to Bring Hi-Fi Sound Quality to Your Mac®, PC or iPod®
  • Hi-fi quality sound engineered by Cabasse
  • Easily connect to a Mac, PC, or MP3 device
  • USB bus powered
  • Built-in cables for easier connectivity
  • Plug & play, driver-free setup for Mac and PC
  • Today LaCie announced high-end speakers, modeled after Cabasse's renowned loudspeaker technology – the LaCie Sound2 Speakers, design by Neil Poulton. LaCie has partnered with famous acoustic engineering company Cabasse to bring high-quality sound to any computer system or A/V device.

    Coupled with Cabasse's loudspeaker driver support, the LaCie Sound2 Speakers provide premium sound quality to computers. Additionally, users can use the line-in connection to experience the same high-quality sound from audio/video devices like iPods and portable multimedia players.

    "At LaCie, we like to optimize how our customers interact with their media. It is very exciting to partner with a company like Cabasse, which has a sixty-year reputation for hi-fi sound systems, to offer a high quality listening experience to our customers," said Alexis Kobassian, Product Manager. "The LaCie Sound2 Speakers exemplifies the very roots of sound development from design aesthetics to customized acoustic engineering, providing our customers with the best quality and price."

    Setup for the LaCie Sound2 Speakers is easy; users simply plug into a PC or Mac USB connection or line-in port on a peripheral device, and they are ready to go – with no driver installation necessary. Also, for added functionality, the LaCie Sound2 Speakers come with a built-in USB cable and volume control.

    The LaCie Sound2 Speakers can provide 30W total peak power output and an expansive frequency response of 80Hz – 20kHz. An external power supply is included to reach the optimal amplification and unique sound experience.


    The LaCie Sound2 Speakers will be available through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Reseller+, LaCie Corner, and LaCie Storage Partner, starting at the suggested retail price of $99.99 (excluding VAT).

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