LaCie Mirror Hard Drive hands-on: not to be touched

The LaCie Mirror is a hard-drive for those that keep very good care of their electronics. Not to be dropped, jabbed, or fingerprinted, this machine's outer bits were designed by Pauline Deltour, made to be displayed on an ebony stand that comes with the unit. This device has 1TB of storage inside as well – if you actually want to use it for its intended functionality, of course. You could potentially also use it for a mirror, as it is exceptionally reflective and set at an angle that supports you looking at yourself.

According to Deltour, "you have to look twice to discover the LaCie Mirror's true ambition." You won't be able to see which files you've stored inside, but you'll certainly be able to ramp up your will to take those files much more serious than you otherwise would. I can see myself in this HD, and I look like I really, truly love storing files.

"Covered by mirrored glass," says Deltour, "it's first an elegant and functional object, and only on second glance is it revealed to be a slim high-performance device."

This designer knows the eye of the consumer. It's clear where our $279.99 USD will be going when this device is released in late January 2015.