LaCie launches Blade Runner by Philippe Starck, offers 4TB of storage

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 25, 2013
LaCie launches Blade Runner by Philippe Starck, offers 4TB of storage

During CES earlier this month, we got our hands on LaCie’s Blade Runner storage device, which features a unique design by Philippe Starck. The device is now available for $299.99, includes 10GB of cloud storage, and is only being offered in a limited run of 9,999, at which point you’ll be out of luck. Check out the specs and more pictures after the jump.

The Blade Runner’s most obvious feature is its design, which features aluminum fins with a blob-ish splay of metal in the middle. The chassis itself is gray with a matte finish, and can be oriented upright or flat, depending on the user’s preference. While the design is certainly part of its appeal, the device itself is a solid offering with nice specs all around.

The Blade Runner has a USB 3.0 interface, and runs cool because of how it is designed, with the blades serving as a type of radiating mechanism to dissipate heat. Power is indicated by an orange cross on the front illuminated by an LED that doubles as the power button. The button will glow green instead of orange when the unit switches into Eco Mode for power conservation.

Eco Mode is automatic, and reduces energy consumption by up to 75-percent when the drive isn’t being used. Backups are also automatic after being set up, and work with both Mac and PC. The integrated LaCie Private-Public software can be used to encrypt data at AES-256 and password protect the drive if desired. Overall, the Blade Runner is a combination of both form and function, the mark of any good device.

[via LaCie]

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