La Marzocco's espresso machines now have an app

High-end espresso machine maker La Marzocco is bringing its latest home coffee equipment into the IoT world, launching a new app that can remotely connect and control two of its most popular models. The La Marzocco Linea Mini – announced back in 2015 as the most affordable in the range – and the GS3 are each getting a wireless upgrade.

There's a new La Marzocco Home app, available for iOS and Android, free to download. It'll include tutorials and espresso best-practice articles, as well as the ability to connect to multiple La Marzocco machines if you're lucky enough to have a few to choose from.

You won't be able to remotely make an espresso with the app: the ability to start the pump running wouldn't be much use, considering you'd have to grind the beans, dose the portafilter, lock it in place, and then monitor the pull to cut it off as it blonds. However the app does allow remotely turning the machine on and off, as well as more easily creating an on/off schedule. That could come in useful if you're still in bed and want to have it warmed up and ready by the time you drag yourself to the kitchen.

There's also the ability to check the boiler temperature status and control that, and enable and set pre-brewing on/off times. If you've got a GS3, you'll be able to set up auto-volumetric by the number of "pulses," too. Finally, the app will show the current machine stats, and your count of total shots.

Strangely, wireless connectivity was never something either the Linea Mini or the GS3 were said to have. Turns out, La Marzocco has been quietly adding the necessary hardware into its latest production runs. You'll know if you have the new connected board by checking the serial number: anything starting with GS012984 is so-equipped.

Those who don't have the board, however, will soon be able to upgrade to it. La Marzocco says it will be offering a retrofit kit for all other Linea Mini and GS3 owners. Right now pricing and availability haven't been confirmed.

There are a few things to bear in mind. On the Linea Mini, for example, the physical temperature dial on the espresso machine itself will still function: however, if you change the temperature through the app, it'll override what's set on the dial. There are pairing instructions depending on which machine you have on La Marzocco's site.

The Linea Mini is currently available priced at $4,900, while the GS3 is priced from $7,100 for the auto-volumetric model or $7,500 for the manual paddle model.