Kyocera add some bass-boost to mobile TV

To rub just a little salt into the gaping wound that is mobile TV outside of Asia comes word of this rather attractive little handset from Kyocera.  The W51K has a flip-round 2.7-inch WQVGA screen and docking station so you can easily watch DMB TV in Japan; in fact the dock also has a subwoofer so all your colleagues know you're not doing work. 

Available in three colours – mirror orange, cyano blue, and metal silver (that'll be orange, blue and silver then, will it?) – there's an EPG for planning what you're going to watch, an FM tuner for while you wait until your show is on, and a 2-megapixel camera for taking snapshots of your jealous friends.


Making a pleasant change from most craptastic earphones bundled with mobiles these days, the W51K comes complete with a set of Sony MDR-E0931's for your commute.  It'll also play-back a variety of video and audio formats, and I'd assume there's some sort of memory slot to augment the internal 65MB.


Available in Japan now.

Kyocera [via Krunker]