KT Telecom iPhone 4 lands in South Korea

In Korea and bored with your cellphone?  It's taken a little longer than for other parts of the globe, but Apple's iPhone 4 has finally made its debut in South Korea on network KT.  100 would-be owners were invited to a gala launch event, where KT demonstrated Face Time and had pro-gamers on hand to whup anybody who took them on at Game Center.

KT is yet to confirm how many preorders it took for the iPhone 4, but according to the carrier's Twitter account anybody who did pre-register should have been able to grab their phone yesterday.  That would certainly seem to imply that stocks were sufficient for demand, unlike in earlier launch territories where the iPhone 4 was in hot demand.  Sales through Apple's own online US store still show a 3-4 week delay for the fourth-generation smartphone.