Korg Monotron meets iPad iElectribe & Wii Nunchuk for music mangling [Video]

Take a Korg Monotron analog synth, throw in an iPad running Korg's excellent iElectribe app and then use an Arduino to tie the whole thing together: you're not only hitting some of the geekiest keywords around these days, but getting an awesome, glitchy, electronic music mangling setup.  YouTuber Denkitribe has been circuit bending his Monotron, coming up not only with the system described above, but one in which the accelerometer and joystick of a Wii Nunchuk are used to control the battery-powered synth.Video after the cut

For those unaware, the Monotron is Korg's latest analog lovely, set to hit shelves at under $70 and packing a ribbon controller, a true analog synth with VCO, VCF and LFO controls, and the same analog filter as found in the Korg MS-10 and MS-20.  There's also an audio input, which allows you to pipe external sources through that filter.

The Arduino is used to send gate signals to the Monotron, and by varying the voltage levels it changes the pitch.  In the second demo, the Nunchuk is used to more intuitively control the Monotron, rather than scrabbling around on its knobs and ribbon keyboard.

iElectribe, Monotron and Arduino:

MonoChuck: Wii Nunchuk controlled Monotron:

[via Sound On Sound forums]