Korg KROSS takes synth workstation mobile

Chris Davies - Apr 10, 2013, 4:00am CDT
Korg KROSS takes synth workstation mobile

Korg has a history of making keyboard workstations, but the KROSS takes the all-in-one flexibility to a new level, throwing in battery power support for mobile music creation. Available in 61- and 88-key versions – the latter using fully-weighted keys – the KROSS offers analog step sequencing, some of the key sounds from Korg’s premium synth line-up, 134 effects, and a 16-track MIDI sequencer, with the potential for running the keyboard either off the mains or from six AA batteries.

Korg isn’t saying exactly how long the KROSS will last on those batteries, but at least it offers a little more potential for creating songs on the go. The black and red chassis is studded with the usual array of knobs and buttons, including a sixteen-key sequencer control board for rhythms.

In addition to the piano, electric piano, and drum sounds which come from Korg’s more expensive models, the KROSS has twice the amount of sound sample data as previous affordable workstations. The company has also thrown in new EDM dance and electronic sounds, while effects – up to seven of which can be active at any one time – include delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, rotary speaker, amp modeling, and a vocoder.

A memory card slot can be used to swap data with a computer, and there’s a stereo audio recorder (including support for over-dubbing), arpeggiator, and one-touch drum backing. The 61-key version has an integrated carry-handle and tips the scales at 9.5lb, while the larger, 88-key version is 27.3lbs.

The Korg KROSS goes on sale in August, and is expected to be priced at $699 for the 61-key and $999 for the 88-key.


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