Kopin outs Golden-i Gen 3.8: Faster, lighter wearable computer

Kopin and Motorola Solutions got the original Golden-i wearable computer to market ahead of Google's Glass, but the HC1 headset was hardly fashionable; now, Kopin is back with Golden-i Gen 3.8, a slicker redesign. Half the size and weight of the HC-1, the Golden-i 3.8 is now foldable for easier transportation when you're not wearing it, and is 16x more powerful than its predecessor; it also adds in new camera technology, including image stabilization for keeping a level shot even when you're moving.

That camera is integrated, running at 14-megapixels, but Kopin has also developed an infrared camera add-on which it expects to be particularly popular with the emergency services. That will offer night vision and thermal vision, handy during search & rescue operations.

Connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth, and there's support for 4G LTE using external modems. The eyepiece creates a virtual 15-inch display running at qHD 960 x 540 resolution, and video can be recorded in HD or streamed wirelessly to a remote advisor. There's also a digital compass and GPS, along with gesture and speech control.

Meanwhile, there are a number of new applications launching alongside the Gen 3.8 headset, including Police Pro and Firefighter Pro for emergency services, and LifeBoard from Ikanos Consulting which allows users to customize the Golden-i to suit their individual needs. The headset can be turned into a roving video-capture station, a messaging hub, or something more suited to health & safety professionals.

As before, Kopin is looking to license the Golden-i Gen 3.8 technology to companies that might want to bring it to market. No word on how much it might cost, assuming that happens.