Konica Minolta Turn The Office Into A Multimedia-Starbucks

I know what you're thinking – some little oik has broken into the office and sprayed graffiti all over the bloody photocopier.  How will you ever get that five-hundred page "Pathway to Success" proposal to Alan in accounts by close of day?  But before you collapse into awful, embarrassing tears, listen up; it's actually Konica Minolta's latest all-in-one prototype, the bizhub, for the office that enjoys clustering around a single piece of equipment. 

Not only does this gaudy behemoth handle your standard scanning, printing, copying and faxing, but it also has an LCD screen, DVD player, fancy lamp, enough clocks for three – count 'em – time zones and an espresso machine.  Now, rather than getting amped over the chance of getting caught by the boss while photocopying your middle-management butt cheeks, you can put on some motivational video and flood your bloodstream with sweet, sweet caffeine.

Currently a prototype, the designers' describe it as "the perfect balance of work, rest and play" and have hinted a full release should enough people request it.  Frankly I can think of nicer places to watch a DVD than while surrounded by toner fumes, but I'm an odd fish to begin with.

Konica Minolta [via Pocket-lint]