Kohjinsha SK3 7-inch convertible touchscreen netbook

It's ironic that what a year or two would've been called a UMPC (and, frankly, ignored by most people, tech writers included) is now called a touchscreen netbook and garners far more interest.  Latest on the block is set to be the Kohjinsha SK3, an upgrade to the existing 7-inch SC3 UMPC.  Among the changes are a new battery and upgraded cameras.

The SK3 has a convertible resistive touchscreen, a couple of inches smaller than that of the ASUS Eee PC T91, which folds flat onto the keyboard for portable slate use.  Inside there's the same 1.3GHz Menlow-platform processor – capable enough, we've seen, for Vista – though no word on whether there's an SSD option this time around.  WiFi has been upgraded, adding draft-n support, and there are still PCI Express, SD, VGA and ethernet connections, together with GPS.

According to UMPCPortal's sources, the Kohjinsha SK3 will get its official announcement this week.  No word on battery life from the newly-streamlined power pack, nor what sort of pricing we could expect.