Kohjinsha DZ dual-screen netbook gets video review

After watching it get unboxed last week, more than a few people started to wonder whether they could fit a dual-screen Kohjinsha DZ netbook into their gadget bag.  WOW-POW have followed up with a three-part video review of the DZ – which has twin 10.1-inch LCD displays – that you can see after the cut.Video review after the cut

In terms of performance, the DZ's AMD Athlon Neo 1.6GHz processor bests a 2.0GHz Atom Z550 CPU and in fact is roughly comparable to a 1.4GHz Intel Core Solo, while full-screen YouTube standard videos are handled smoothly but 720p shows a few stutters and 1080p is pretty poor.  Flash 10.1 should address that with GPU hardware acceleration for Flash videos, but the DZ in the review isn't running that beta.

As for 3D gaming, they loaded up Castle Wolfenstein on the Kohjinsha and it works smoothly and without stutter.  Still, if you actually want to use the two screens for different sources then you'll need a game that can actually support that sort of setup.  That nifty USB port under the back panel – which is intended for a USB 3G modem – will require a relatively small dongle in order to fit into the 15 x 74 x 30 mm cavity, but it works as you'd expect and we still wish more manufacturers would do something similar.

In all, it's obviously more expensive than a regular netbook but the hinge is supposedly pretty robust despite the wobbling.  There's also no touchscreen, which seems an odd omission given the fact the displays can rotate like a convertible tablet PC; WOW-POW reckon Kohjinsha have a tablet version in the pipline.  We're all the more intrigued, frankly; that would make the DZ even better.

[via NewGadgets]