Koenigsegg Regera is the first car ever in complete Koenigsegg Naked Carbon

Shane McGlaun - Dec 6, 2018, 7:11 am CST
Koenigsegg Regera is the first car ever in complete Koenigsegg Naked Carbon

Of all the hypercars out there one of the fastest and sexiest is the Koenigsegg Regera. The automaker has announced that it has produced the first car in the world finished completely in something it calls Koenigsegg Naked Carbon or KNC for short. KNC is completely bare carbon fiber with no lacquer, varnish, or alternative coating on top of the carbon surface.

Koenigsegg says that the thin layer of epoxy that usually covers a high-end autoclaved cured piece of carbon is removed via hand polishing. The process to do that is tedious with one stroke too many ruining the visible weave structure under the epoxy. Koenigsegg says that the body of the car is cold to the touch thanks to the pure carbon material with no insulating epoxy or lacquer layer over the carbon underneath.

The result is an appearance that takes on a metallic graphite look since each graphite strand is exposed. KNC has been used over the years to produce wheels, wings, splitters, winglets, and steering wheels. Before doing an entire car in the material, Koenigsegg took parts and kept them outside for several years to ensure that elements didn’t affect the surface.

Since the KNC surface is much harder than the lacquers that are normally applied to the carbon fiber, the body of the car is less sensitive to stone chips and scratches than conventional treatments. With no paint or clear lacquer on the car, KNC Regera’s are about 20kg lighter than a painted version.

This first KNC Regera was delivered to an owner in Switzerland and has gray seats in the interior with lots of exposed carbon fiber. The car screams for black Alcantara over seats made of exposed carbon fiber. If you feel like being a little sad, you can check out Koenigsegg crash testing its hypercars.

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