Watching Koenigsegg crash test hypercars will crush your soul

Koenigsegg has put up a video on Instagram that is apparently to celebrate a million followers. The problem for fans of hypercars is that the video shows the beautiful beasts during crash testing. While the strength is impressive the destroying of such exotic machines is heartbreaking.

Koenigsegg has no choice but to crash test the cars if it wants to meet standards and sell the cars. One of the things that jumps out at me is how strong the carbon fiber panels really are. In some scenes, workers are bashing the bumper and door sills with a hammer leaving nary a mark and certainly no cracks.

The doors are repeated slammed with no ill effects. We see the expected rear and frontal crash tests along with side crash tests that destroy the cars. We also see some testing of what is more likely to happen by rich, but inept drivers, like running over things on the road and jumping curbs.

The car gets a bit of air over a curb and runs into a shallow pit afterward, but appears to be none the worse for wear. The car holds up very well in crash tests.

I can't help but wonder what crash rating the car receives, it looks like a 5-star performance to me but who knows. Watch the video below, it's awesome but will hurt a little.