Koenigsegg Quant 170mph solar electric car headed for production?

The thought of Swedish uber-car manufacturer Koenigsegg ever actually putting their Quant concept car into production was a laughable joke back when they revealed it in March.  The solar electric vehicle was billed as a "car of the future" designed to showcase NLV Solar's nifty photovoltaic and accumulator tech; now, according to one Koenigsegg insider, the firm intends to put the Quant into limited production.

The concept behind the Quant is straightforward: as well as a standard recharging system, which is apparently capable of fully juicing the supercar in 20 minutes, the whole thing has a photovoltaic coating that constantly tops up the batteries.  That means the Quant is good for a 500km range, helped by the slippery aerodynamic shape.

Of course, since this is Koenigsegg we're talking about, speed isn't in short supply either.  Twin rear-wheel drive electric motors can push the Quant 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 170mph.  Not bad for a four-seater with gullwing doors, 3-zone climate control, at least six airbags and all the usual electronic safety gubbins.

Commentators are already linking the leak to Koenigsegg's recent buyout bid for Saab, though there's no telling whether the two are connected.  Whatever the badge on the front, look out Tesla: Sweden is coming for you.

[via Reg Hardware]