Kodak Theatre HD Player with motion-sensitive remote

It's not just their Zi8 HD camcorder that Kodak have for us today; the company has also announced a new media-adapter, the Kodak Theatre HD Player.  Designed to plug directly into your HDTV together with your home network – either via WiFi or ethernet – the Theatre HD Player can show images, video, podcasts, music and web content.

It includes what Kodak call a "point and play" remote, a motion-sensitive controller that gives the control of a mouse but without demanding a flat surface.  As well as showing your own videos – loaded via SD/MMC/xD/MS/CF card or via USB – the Kodak Theatre HD Player can play YouTube videos together with other on-demand streams.

There's also a "collage view" function that calls up images from a networked PC sorted by date; it automatically shows images related to the current date or up to two weeks forward.  The Kodak Theatre HD Player is available now, with an MRSP of $199.99.