Kodak Sponsored Studio project life-blogging headset

Could all the Golden-i wearable computer need to be more consumer-friendly be a dashing hat?  Probably not quite – after all, there's still the rather noticeable eyepiece to take into account – but William Gerwin's Kodak Sponsored Studio project does do a better job at removing some of the geek-factor to a wearable system.

Gerwin's intent is a little different to the Golden-i, which prioritizes remote data access rather than predominantly capture.  The headset has a 10.1-megapixel camera and an integrated pico-projector, which both hook up wirelessly to a mobile hotspot which uploads content directly to a remote cloud server.  When you want to share content, you do so publicly via the projector, and the whole thing is built into a pair of headphones.

So, more of a life-blogging tool than the Golden-i claims to be, but as a model of how to make wearable computing more aesthetically acceptable it's a little more successful than the Kopin's plastic-heavy style.  Unfortunately it's all just a concept right now.

[via About Projectors]