Kodak bringing new Android-powered devices to CES

Kodak is coming to CES, but not as you might expect. The company will likely be talking up a new photographic endeavor, but it won't be film. This year, Kodak is set to unveil a lineup of Android-powered mobile devices which offer "best in class image management software and features". These smartphones and tablets are going to be photo-centric, offering a specific image capturing and management features. If your thing is mobile photography, Kodak is lining up their stars just for you.

In conjunction with Bullitt Group, who can best be described as a conduit between a brand an an Original Device Manufacturer, Kodak will bring a series of self-branded devices to market. Aside form Android, we know these devices will have a proprietary UI, and offer a "rich user experience" aimed at consumers who want an easy-to-use Android device.

Though they don't say as much, the language in the press release smacks of Kodak building a camera that can do phone stuff, while others take the opposite approach. Bullitt Group CEO Oliver Schulte says Kodak's new offerings will be "beautifully designed devices that will let users take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant."

We're not exactly sure what Kodak is going for yet, but we know they want you snapping and sharing photos. It's possible they're set to take on Samsung's Galaxy Camera lineup for Android camera-cum-phone supremacy, but we'll have to wait for CES before we know for sure.

For now, Kodak might be ahead of the curve, but Sony's new 20-megapixel sensor is promising for smartphone photo enthusiasts.

Source: Bullitt Group