Kno dual-screen tablet pre-orders to ship in 60 days?

Shane McGlaun - Feb 17, 2011
Kno dual-screen tablet pre-orders to ship in 60 days?

The Kno tablet has been one of the tablets that has teased for over a year now. The tablet has already seen a couple ship dates announced and then missed so we are all a bit skeptical at this point on the Kno. This is the tablet with two screens that is being marketed to students as a textbook replacement.

The dual screen Kno has a pair of big 14.1-inch screens and has a MSRP of $899. That seems high, but if the books the student needs are available digitally, the price may be better than buying printed textbooks. Back in January at CES we spent some quality hands-on time with the Kno.

The Kno has now been fingered with a new launch date and that launch day is claimed to be mid-April. The word comes from notifications set to pre-order customers. The real question is if these things do ship, will there be textbooks for it.

Via CrunchGear

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