Kingston releases 128GB Wi-Drive for Android and iOS devices

Kingston's relatively recent Wi-Drive expands the measly storage of your iOS or Android device by providing an external storage solution that communicates with your mobile device via a wireless connection. It's great for those with massive storage needs while on the go, and now the company just outed a 128GB version for those who need even more storage.

Previously, the Wi-Drive only came in 32GB and 64GB flavors, which certainly helped double the storage capacity of any iOS or Android device, but you can already get phones that have up to 64GB of storage anyway, so the introduction of this 128GB version really hits the spot for those looking for a big storage boost.

The Wi-Drive is is about the same size as a smartphone and it looks a lot like an iPhone 3G or 3GS, except that it doesn't have a display and it only has a solid state drive on the inside. Kingston is saying that the extra space doesn't change the Wi-Drive's expected four-hour battery life, so there doesn't seem to be any drawbacks for going bigger.

As far as price, Kingston's website is selling it for $273, but Amazon has it for way less at a more reasonable $176 plus shipping. With a 64GB version costing $110, the 128GB seems like the better deal here, but will cost you more money up front. Either way, if you're wanting to take your library of digital movies and music with you on the go, the Wi-Drive is a solid option. Have a look at our hands-on of the device from last year.

[via Android Community]