Kingston microDuo 3C USB Type-C Flash Drive aims for MacBook

The Kingston microDuo 3C USB Type-C Flash Drive has been announced at Computex 2015, ready and willing to work with your brand new MacBook. This tiny worker is made to connect to USB Type-C ports as well as USB Type-A – so it's versatile. It'll be delivered in three different sizes, 16, 32, and 64GB, so it's made to bring storage to whatever tiny project you have on hand. It'll be delivered later this month – so you're going to be able to pocket it by July.

While we expect to eventually have a whole lot of these little beasts running around the market, Kingston has delivered on the early side – with a device that looks perfectly suitable for a wide variety of uses. The only concern we've got is the lack of a keyring – or any other connector.

You'll be relying on a tiny pouch if you want to avoid losing such a small piece of equipment.

This device works with USB 3.13 speeds, up to 100MB/s read speeds and up to 15MB/s write speeds. That's for the 32GB and 64GB editions. For some reason or another, the 16GB version only writes at speeds up to 10MB/s.

This device has dimensions of 29.94mm x 16.60mm x 8.44mm, and it'll come in whatever color you like, just so long as its chrome.

According to Kingston, this device will come with a five-year warranty and free technical support. Pricing has not yet been released.