Kinect hack motion-controls Flash UIs [Video]

The awesome Kinect hacks continue, and BLITZ have delivered what could turn out to be one of the more interesting adaptations of Microsoft's motion-gaming peripheral. They've figured out a way to get the Kinect sensor-bar to work with Flash-based interfaces via Node.js, opening the door to Flash, Silverlight and Unity apps being directly controlled by Kinect-recognized motions.Video demo after the cut

While we've seen integrations of Kinect and DIY apps before, this generic link promises to take the headache out of hooking up the Microsoft peripheral. The prototype they've thrown together uses hand gestures to navigate a TV UI, something that could be pretty useful if you've ever been given a headache by a button-encrusted remote control.

BLITZ is expected to release the code imminently, at which point we're expecting a flood of Kinect-enabled HTPC apps. More details in the video below.

[via MAKE]