Kindle Unlimited subscribers buy more books, says Nielsen

Last summer, Amazon introduced its Kindle Unlimited subscription ebook service, something that gives users access to hundreds of thousands of books for a flat rate via their Kindle. The benefits are obvious, and those who consumer a lot of books in a month will find it helps cut down on the monthly budget. As with many other services, Amazon hasn't been open about its statistics on the subscription option, but Nielsen has stepped in to fill that void, dropping some numbers to give an idea of how the service is used.

Kindle Unlimited may be a nice option for voracious readers, but many writers and publishers still hesitate to jump aboard with it and others like it — the reason being its all-you-can-eat style of consumption rather than per-piece price rates. Some worry this will dilute the value of works and cause a decrease in sales, but the absence of statistics makes backing concerns up with numbers difficult.

As it turns out, Kindle Unlimited subscribers tend to spend more on books every month than users that do not subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. The difference between the two groups is somewhat substantial, with those who do subscribe spending $58 USD or thereabouts per month on books, while those who don't subscribe spend about $34 per month.

Some other interesting details were also gleaned from the numbers, though none of them surprising, including that 18 to 29 year olds were the most common group to pick up an ebook subscription. Check out the timeline below for more Kindle news.

SOURCE: TechCrunch, The Digital Reader