Kindle Paperwhite 2013 hands-on: refining the nighttime e-reader

The team at Amazon behind the Kindle have refreshed the Kindle Paperwhite with a boost to both software and hardware, and all the way over in Berlin this week we're having another look at it. This device looks – from all outward appearances – to be the exact same model as the original. It's once you turn it on that counts – where you'll see quicker page turns, a slightly improved touchscreen, and contrast that's been improved just a smidgen.

This model comes with a higher-powered processor and a selection of software improvements that'll make for a slightly more "aha" experience. Inside you'll find a feature called Vocabulary Builder – here you'll have a record of all the words you've looked up, and a place to go back and improve your knowledge in the future.

Another feature added with this model is Page Flip. You'll be able to view another page in the book you're reading without leaving the page you're on – sort of like a big digital bookmark without needing to fold the whole thing over. Also included with this iteration of the Kindle Paperwhite is FreeTime – essentially the same set of selections available with the Kindle Fire HD version of the software – allowing you to make a unique experience for your child on the fly.

Also note that you can have a peek at our original Kindle Paperwhite review for a more in-depth look at how this device is prepped for your everyday (and every night) lifestyle. This device brings on what's almost exactly the same hardware build as its original – so keep your cases.

Finally this device still works with the same built-in light amid E Ink that the original was graced with. Amazon's technology here appears to have not been bested in the months since the first was born – no need to change it! Have a peek at the timeline below as well for more details on how this e-reader is doing in the market and on how far its come from its first iteration last year.