Kindle Oasis leaks with e-reader premium design

This week the folks at Amazon appear to have experienced a bit of a leak – on their newest e-reader, the Kindle Oasis. At least, that's what the leak suggests it'll be called. This leak comes from China, and includes details on what the device will look like and act like. There seems to be a case/cover that this tablet-like device will have available with its own power source, and it'll be ambidextrous – with a very unique sort of tablet design.

This Kindle Oasis e-reader device appears to be rolling with an unidentified-size, 300 PPI display. That could mean a lot of things. It looks like the tablet has between a 7 and 9.5-inch display – and we're leaning towards the middle. You'll likely be able to view text with the device's thicker edge in either your right or left hand, flipped, and the device appears to have page-turning buttons. Physical buttons.

The display seems to be e-ink, and just black and white. The Oasis documents we see here suggest that the device has "60% more light" – more than what, we're not sure.

The device looks to be 3.4mm thick at its thinnest point – which is a relatively useless statistic as the larger bit is significantly thicker. UPDATE: Full measurements (thickness) include: 3.4 mm at its thinnest and 8.5 mm at its thickest.

This looks a lot like what Sony presented a few years ago with the Sony Tablet S, a device that was designed to look and feel like a stack of paper folded back over itself. Book-style.

The images you'll see in the gallery below come from MMall – a digital retailer that's likely very much in hot water with Amazon right about now. You'll also find the following text if you're able to read Chinese: "internal battery and charging cover create a double battery system, effectively extending the battery life; when charging the device, both batteries are charged; when not charging, the charging case can charge the internal battery, providing you with months-long sleep time. A newly designed Kindle sleep mode can extend battery life to the greatest extent."