"Kindle Fire is a service" pushes Amazon's Jeff Bezos

After a short video showing the power of the Kindle in the past, present, and future, the Amazon event this week prepared the press for the next generation with their own Jeff Bezos speaking before the crowd. He let them know that they want to move forward with the spirit of Amazon and that "we LOVE to invent" may very well be their main point here in 2012. He spoke also about how the Android tablet market flooded right at the start, and how this flood created an environment where noone wanted to buy one – but Amazon is smart, he implies, and customers are smart, he says.

He let the audience know that if you're wanting content, not just a device, you go with Amazon. They've got the massive Kindle lending library, 180,000 Kindle-exclusive books, and even the seven Harry Potter books – rare in this digital landscape. Noting that hardware is a "critical" part of the service Amazon now provides, Bezos showed how physical books sold by the business has been increasing over time at a rate that's completely eclipsed by Kindle books.

Showing off a video that displayed a font-changing adjustable 7-inch tablet that could only be the next-generation Kindle Paperwhite. Stay tuned to our Amazon tag portal for more information on this next-generation product from the company that brought you the Kindle Fire!